Graduate Testimonials

At Patrick’s College, we are very proud of our thousands of graduates. We hope you enjoy reading their inspiring stories below and we are currently working on acquiring more stories from graduates of 1923 to Present.

Claudia Pergola, 2020 Graduate

“I chose to study at Patrick’s College Australia as I had previously heard promising outcomes the course offered when compared to the outcome of a university degree.”

“I also liked the fact that during your studies the College’s Careers Advisor is there for students who wish to leave the college with a secured job. This is something that Universities do not always offer, which I believe is a great asset.”

I was fortunate enough to find a job in the exact field I had hoped for, being an Office Administrator and Reception Assistant for PTW Architects. I am currently loving my job role, the location, and the friendly staff I work amongst. I believe that the skills I was taught at Patrick’s has given me the basis of the appropriate training from which I can now grow from. Without my qualification from this business school, I wouldn’t have this amazing opportunity which I am extremely grateful for.”

“Since Patrick’s I have also continued studying Interior Design; followed by Advanced Interior Design which I will be graduating from at the end of 2021.”

“With the knowledge and training I have received from Patrick’s and the experience working in the firm, I hope to begin my own interior design establishment within the next couple years.”

Emma Sullivan, 2020 Graduate

“Choosing to study at Patrick’s was an easy decision. The syllabus was interesting and centered around practical, industry-standard practices.”

It was also evident that Patrick’s has highly valued partnerships with prestigious law firms and companies and has a proven high graduate employment success rate.”

“Having to wear corporate business attire and being in the middle of the Sydney CBD, provided a feel for the business life.”

“Patrick’s additional job ready skills such as interview training, preparation of resumes and job application letters, helped me with applying for positions within the final term of College.”

Within a week of submitting my applications, I was contacted and asked to attend interviews. Offered two employment opportunities, I was thrilled to accept full time employment as a Team Assistant at Ashurst - one of the largest law firms in Australia.”

“Since being at Ashurst, I have met some incredible people and later found out that many of my colleagues had previously graduated from Patrick’s College.  Patrick’s graduates are highly regarded and keenly sought!

“I will certainly continue to recommend Patrick’s as a place to study and grow, and to the future graduates… I hope to see some of you around the office!”

Lara O’Donnell
Lara O’Donnell, 2020 Graduate

I chose to study at Patrick’s College Australia for the profound reputation they hold.

I found a job through my education and the awesome connections the College has to the big firms in the city, I was fortunate enough to gain employment at the Crown Solicitors Office.

“The friendships I made at the college, the amazing teachers Dom and Sandra and going on the site visits were what I liked most about the College. I would 100% recommend Patrick’s to a family member or friend.”

Eva Alsaberi, 2019 Graduate

“I chose to study at Patrick’s College because I believed it would provide me with the knowledge and experience that is required in the business sector. I was also inspired by its thriving history of achievements and perseverance, and high rate of employment positions at big and very well-known firms.”

“I secured an Executive Assistant role at one of the top law firms in the Asia- Pacific region, Gilbert & Tobin. Both the theoretical and practical knowledge I gained at Patrick’s College were required to secure a place in such a big law firm.”

“It is also a real honor for me to hear the Human Resources Recruitment Department at Gilbert & Tobin always praising Patrick’s College and its former graduates on their hard work and perseverance. This makes me proud to have been a Patrick’s student.”

“After gaining a position at Gilbert + Tobin, I rotated into 3 different departments to be able to gain knowledge and understanding on how each one operates, to help me choose what is better for me. After some time, I have now decided to pursue further studies by committing to a Bachelor of Human Resource Management – Psychology. I am looking forward to gaining a position in HR department within the law firm.”

“I made precious memories at Patrick’s College. The teaching system was excellent and well – organized, both in the theoretical and practical sense. The lecturers are flexible, friendly, helpful, and very approachable. I would recommend the College to my family and friends.”

Bianca Burcher, 2018 Graduate

“I chose to study at Patrick’s as I was interested in completing a Diploma and getting a job in a law firm (which ended up being successful!). I now work full – time at Allens.

“I liked the atmosphere, the friends I made, and my teachers - Dom and Sandra.”

 “My sister Mia is currently studying at Patrick’s and I would definitely recommend the College to friends and family in the future.”

Ruby Puckeridge, 2017 Graduate

“Patrick’s was recommended to me by family friends. I chose to study at Patrick’s because it has a great reputation from its previous students. It was almost guaranteed to provide me with a job and a great skill set for future endeavours.”

“Patrick’s was one of the most formative years of my life. As a mature aged student (23 at the time), I was more focused than ever. The students were held to a high standard, I learnt impeccable attention to detail, became more disciplined and above all, made great friends.”

“From my education at Patrick’s, I learnt how to operate and work in a corporate environment. I’ve met many EA’s at my firm who all share the Patrick’s bond. I believe our education sets us apart from other candidates on the market.”

“Since graduating from Patrick’s, I worked at global law firm, Ashurst for three years. Initially as a Legal Secretary, then promoted to Practice Executive. I am now working at BHQ Projects as a Business Manager.”

“I would certainly recommend Patrick’s to a family member or friend.”

Carly Wallace-2
Carly Wallace, 2017 Graduate

“I had a history of family members attending Patrick’s College (who still speak so highly of it till this day!) and they have all been very successful in their careers. I graduated in December 2017.”

“What I liked most about Patrick’s was the Teaching Staff, they all have such a passion for the work they do, and it made coming in everyday so enjoyable. Also, the friends I met at business college will be lifelong friends.

“Towards the end of my Diploma, Patrick’s organised quite a few interviews at top tier firms, and I got great exposure to the business world and how they operate. As a result, I joined Allens-Linklaters in 2018 as a Practice Assistant and on completion of my rotation I became a Practice Assistant to two Partners, five Associates and multiple lawyers (I have been in this role for 3 years now).”

“I was also lucky enough to have the experience to go on secondment to Westpac and I currently operate there as a Senior Board Liaison and Administrator to Directors & Chairman of the Wealth Division (Funds, Insurance, Superannuation). There are so many new skills I learn here every day and it opens my experience and exposure so much more which is great for my career development.”

“I have recommended Patrick’s to family and friends as it is such a great set-up for any person no matter what age and leads to so many possibilities. Good luck to anybody choosing to join the College!”

Emma Hession
Emma Hession, 2017 Graduate

“I Chose to study at Patrick's because my mum went when she was younger and enjoyed it so much.  She was able to line up a fantastic career and is still there today!  Another reason I chose to go to Pat's was because of the good reputation it has and what it has to offer.” 

“I loved making new friends & learning new things.  We had so much fun!  I tend to miss college sometimes.”

“I got offered a Job at Ashurst in 2018, and I am still here today as a Practice Executive.”

“I have recommended Patrick's to a lot of people.  I truly believe without Patrick's I would have not landed the job I have today.”

Rachael Soden
Rachael Soden, 2017 Graduate

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I left school so after hearing how other girls from my high school in previous years had graduated from Patrick’s and their outcomes, I knew it would be a great course to do and I really enjoyed it!”

“I enjoyed everything I learnt as it is everyday information that you would need in an office job and it helps me to this day in my job and I am sure it will in the future too.”

“I also liked that we got interview opportunities for jobs, when we finished our course, and met new friends.”

“I found a job as a Junior Legal Assistant at a law firm called McCullough Robertson Lawyers. I started off working for one of the legal assistants, I then got promoted to a Legal Assistant, and now I work for my own lawyers and partners across three teams.”

“If you are unsure what you want to do or be when you graduate from high school or even would like to study something to do with business administration, I would highly recommend the course. You learn a lot that will help you with all sorts of office jobs in any area you wish to work in and is a great experience. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people you could be working with too!.”

Kate Stephens, 2015 Graduate

“Following on from a work experience placement at Herbert Smith Freehills, I decided that a law firm was where I wanted to be when I left school.  I did not want to be a lawyer but thought that my organized, structured, and optimistic personality would put me in good stead for a supporting role.”

Not knowing quite where to start, I called every top tier law firm in the country and asked them where they would recruit from if they were looking for administration support.  Patrick's College was mentioned several times (one lady that answered my call was an alumnus herself!) so I applied immediately and graduated in 2015.”

“The culture of the college was what I valued the most along with its pragmatic approach.  There were no delusions of what the real world would be like when we entered the workforce – we were held accountable for our actions, shown the importance of being reliable and sticking to our word, expected to perform at a high standard and pushed to be proactive at all times.” 

“Before graduating from Patrick's College I was fortunate enough to secure a place on Clayton Utz' Legal Secretary Graduate Program. Access to this program was only made possible due to Patrick's College and I will be forever grateful for my time at Clayton Utz. The firm provided me with many opportunities to further develop my career and the contacts that I met are not only professionally inspiring but also now dear friends.

“After early completion of this graduate program I became a Legal Secretary Coordinator within the Corporate/M&A practice group.  I supported six authors one of which was a leading M&A Partner who also sat on the Board for Clayton Utz.  Additional to my primary supporting role, coordinator duties involved allocating fellow secretaries to vacant roles daily, assisting with performance reviews, managing leave requests as well as broader management of the secretaries within the Corporate group.

“This legal secretary role gave me direct access to clients, and I formed strong relationships with many of them.  This relationship building is what then led me into the firm's Business Development team (a team that I did not even know existed before I joined Clayton Utz!) where I began implementing strategic marketing and business development initiatives across various practice groups.”

“Fast forward several years, I now work at a global firm, Ashurst, and support Ashurst Advance - the firm's integrated "NewLaw" division.  We transform client service by working seamlessly alongside our legal experts to provide capabilities across advanced delivery, managed services, flexible resourcing, legal operations and digital.  I am responsible for managing Ashurst Advance's APAC client network and ensuring the continuous development of legal service delivery to clients.”

“Patrick's College prepared me for and provided unique access to, many Legal Secretary Graduate Programs which have since opened doors for me.  This opportunity has allowed me to perform in roles that I would never have dreamed of.  I now work alongside professionals who are the best in market and offer unrivalled experience and expertise.  As such, I would highly recommend Patrick's College.  Regardless of industry, the College prepares and equips students with tangible and pragmatic skills that set them up for success in the workforce.”

Brock Galway, 2015 Graduate

“Coming out of school, I felt there was this big push on having everything sorted out and needing to find something to study or a clear pathway. I finished Year 12 as a Non-ATAR Student and decided to take this study option on for a few reasons.”

“I went to an open day for universities and colleges and met the Director at the time who was passionate about the college, its courses, and the success of the students. Outlining the clear and achievable study timeframes, the pathways open to students within a corporate job or further study was a standout for me and sparked my interest in studying Human Resources Management. Coming away from that day, I chose to explore this option and beyond thankful I did.”

“The education delivered from all the staff was not only professional but helped set me up with strong skills and knowledge for my career in the corporate world. I got to learn so much that was all new to me, whilst I felt motivated, empowered, and got to share each day with the friends I made at college.”

“I landed a position at Henry Davis York (now Norton Rose Fullbright) as a Legal Secretary.”

“Since graduating from Patrick’s back in 2015, I do not think I could have told anyone the right answer of where I would see myself 5 years from then. I grew quickly at Henry Davis York – starting as a Legal Secretary, transitioning into a Paralegal to then take a new focus working in Learning and Development, over to Business Development to then finally working as a People and Cultural Coordinator.”

“Over the past couple of years, I have really understood what I am passionate about and where I see my career going. With this, I did further studies in Music and Arts Management and from there I opened my own company working as an Artist Manager and Promoter for singers and bands in the Australian Music Industry. In my two years of having my own company, I have been able to see music released to the world and take on new audiences, see fan bases grow as well as go on tour for sold out shows and festivals.”

“Since creating my own company in the music industry, I have now singed a joint venture with an Australian Record Label where I am doing the marketing for their roster of artists.”

“During this whole time, it hasn’t all been about work. I’ve been able to travel to 18 countries with favorites including Japan, hiking through the Himalayas to Base Camp on Mt Everest, bungy jumping off every bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand and my favorite of them all, flying to Los Angeles for The Ellen Show, going on the show and meeting her.”

“The moment I graduated I was advocating for anyone to study at Patrick’s. One of my dear friends studied there 2 years after I graduated and is now an employee at EY.”

Capre Cleary
Capre Cleary, 2014 Graduate

“I chose to study at Patrick’s College as I had heard very positive reviews, and when I decided I was not going to sit my HSC, I decided Patrick’s would be more beneficial for me in the long run. Which I can now vouch was true!”

“I secured a job at Ashurst by the time I graduated, and I am now working at Allens as a Personal Assistant.”

“When I secured my role at Allens, they mentioned that having my Diploma of Business was a huge advantage in hiring me.”

“I have bought my own apartment and have started up a side business in the beauty industry.”

“I graduated in 2014 at the age of 16.”

“I learnt skills that I still carry to this day and made friends who I am still very close with and that’s what makes your time at Patrick’s memorable.”

Sarah Potts
Sarah Potts, 1999 Graduate

….from Executive Assistant to General Manager…

“I was aware of Patrick’s due to my grandmother, Norma Sheehan (nee Molloy), attending in the 1930’s (she also played a major role in organising the 50th Anniversary of the College!) and it was always spoken so highly of. For me, I felt Patrick’s provided a course that I was passionate about and gave me a sense of direction after high school to forge my future utilising the skillset I had and the career path I was enthused by. I attended in 1999 and completed the 12-month Course in Business Administration / Secretarial.”

“It was a college that encouraged diversity, different ways of thinking and every teacher was so encouraging of each student’s education. I also enjoyed the very special bond formed between my fellow students who are still close friends after 20 years.”

 “Nearing the completion of my course I was interviewed, via the college employment program, and commenced employment with Boyd House & Partners, a boutique legal firm in the city where I remained for 15 months and then moved to Gilbert & Tobin legal firm.”

“I remained in Sydney for 2.5 years after College and then travelled and worked overseas for 4.5 years. For 3 of those I was working for one of the world’s biggest law firms, Clifford Chance which was a phenomenal EA experience in London.”

“I have since had an incredible career, based in Sydney, for the past 13 years at Southern Cross Austereo, parent company of the national Hit (2DayFM), TripleM and LiSTNR audio networks. With 65 offices and 1700 employees nationally it is a joy to work in media and in such an innovative and forward-thinking company.  My first role at SCA was EA to Legal and my current role is General Manager, Sydney.”

“It has been a wonderful career journey thus far that has instilled in me that anything is possible. I hope this encourages current and future students of Patrick’s to follow their career dreams…. And trust me, the skills you learn at Patrick’s will forever be with you in the most positive of ways!

“I believe Patrick’s College is a wonderful experience and provides students with so many opportunities. Without Patrick’s as the foundation of my career I wouldn’t be where I am today.”