Why Study at PCA?

High Graduate Employment Success Rate

We do everything we can, in every way we can to help our students secure paid employment.
This is, and always will be, our top priority!

Employment Support Partners

We have a wide range of Employment Support Partners who are committed to ensuring that all students have incredible work placement experiences that support them to transition into their chosen jobs. Our Employment Support Partners regularly employ our graduates!

Workplace Traineeships

Partnering with Employers, we ensure people who have just started in their employment get the qualifications they need to become professionals in their fields. Our Professional Trainers will support you in your workplace as well as online learning.

Professional Development Programs

Patrick’s College Australia supports the Business and Finance Sectors by offering accredited programs to upskill their staff and support ongoing professional development.

Reputation - Founded In 1923 - 100 Years!

Patrick’s College Australia is one of the longest RTO’s in Australia. We have been proudly supporting people to gain the qualifications and skills they need to gain employment, and progress their careers, for nearly 100 years!

Flexible Fee Options

There is a range of criteria applicable to qualification fees. Some students may be eligible for fully subsidised training and fee concessions or fee exemptions.

If you are not eligible for subsidised training, Patricks College Australia offers Qualifications on a fee for service basis with the following payment options available:

  • Fees for service courses or
  • Pay in full
  • Pay your course fee via a flexible tailored payment plan using our Vet Student Loans