The History of Patrick's College Australia - Looking Forward, Looking Back!


Patrick's College Australia (PCA) was established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1923. It is one of Australia's oldest vocational business colleges. The College was originally established to help young women gain employment in Sydney's corporate world by training them to be personal assistants and legal secretaries. The demand for trained office staff was very high at the time and "St Patrick's" students became highly sought after. As a result of the high standard of training given, a fine reputation with the hiring managers of large law firms, accountancy practices, and government offices was firmly established and continues to this day. Today, PCA graduates continue in this long tradition of having received quality training which leads to meaningful employment. Students are trained to be job-ready in Business Administration and Social Media Marketing - ready to land paid employment with one of the College's career partners by the time they finish their courses.

Patrick’s College Australia (PCA) is the fifth name for the College. (Previously known as St Patrick’s Commercial College, St Patrick’s Business College, St Patrick’s Institute of Education, and Patrick Careers Academy). St Patrick's Business College was the most substantial name and is still affectionately known as this by people connected to the College.

The College is now located at Level 7, 451 Pitt St, Sydney in the historic Manning Building. This is the third campus address of the College with the original premises being behind St Patrick's Church Hill at 141 Harrington St, The Rocks.

But some things never change and never will. In simple terms, this can be explained in PCA's commitment to the following five points known as "The Patrick's Way":


High Graduate Employment Success Rate

We do everything we can, in every way we can to help our students secure paid employment.
This is, and always will be, our top priority! 


Career Partners

We've built up an enviable list of career partners and friends in Sydney's corporate world! Prestigious Law Firms, Accountancy Practices, Consultancies and Large Companies.


Professional Development

Students are taught Modern Business Etiquette and Deportment, Dress Sense, and overall Professional Prestige. This gives students the edge when applying for a job!


Pastoral Care and Mentoring

We operate in an atmosphere of pastoral care where students are mentored and encouraged to be the best version of themselves possible.


Reputation - Founded in 1923 - 97 Years!

Our 97 years in Sydney has graced us with a long list of loyal supporters in Industry, Schools, and Community - Including students whose mothers and aunties studied with us!

PCA believes these five points give their students the edge when it comes to entering the workforce.

The College renews its promise and commitment to serve Australian school-leavers as Australia’s leading vocational business college with a focus on graduate employment success and an ethos of pastoral care.

In 2023, the College will celebrate its Centenary Year (100th Birthday). 

The Official Coat of Arms of Patrick’s College Australia (PCA)

Crest V1.2

The Coat of Arms was restored to its former glory in 2020 in preparation for the 100th Anniversary of the College in 2023.

• The Latin inscription “Aut Optimum Aut Nihil” translated to English is “Either the Best or Nothing”.

• The top left section is the Lamp of Knowledge placed on the Holy Bible. This represents the knowledge which is imparted to students at the College.

• The top right section is The Southern Cross which is a constellation of five stars that can only be seen from the southern hemisphere. This is a reminder of Australia’s geography.

• The bottom left corner is the Triquetra or Trinity Knot which through the three corners represents the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

• The bottom right corner is the Golden Wattle which is Australia’s national flower. This represents our goal to be a national college with an eventual presence in every state of Australia.