Graduate Testimonials

At Patrick’s College, we are very proud of our thousands of graduates. We hope you enjoy reading their inspiring stories below and we are currently working on acquiring more stories from graduates of 1923 to Present.

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Jennifer Gregg, 2009 Graduate

“I enrolled in a commerce degree at university straight out of school because it seemed the right thing to do. Due to the lack of structure and support at a large uni and because it was not really what I wanted to do after completing 1½ semesters I decided not to continue. I travelled for a while and worked as a veterinary nurse for about five years, but I knew I wanted more of a challenge and more opportunities.”

 “Now a bit older and surer of what I wanted, I decided to pursue a career in marketing. I did some research. A friend had just completed a course in Business Administration with  Patrick’s College and was now in a great job. She finally had her career on track and encouraged me to apply so I enrolled in the Diploma.”

“The learning environment was exactly what I needed – small classes, lots of support and encouragement from all teaching staff who always went above and beyond with their time. I obtained a great many new skills which I am now applying in my everyday work at The Cronos Group, where I am liaising with people all around the world every day.”

“My time at Patrick’s prepared me for my new work environment. I was able to arrive on my first day confident that I would be able to manage anything they threw at me! After my first performance appraisal my employers were just as thrilled with me as I was with them!.”

“I would recommend Patrick’s to anyone who needs a career change, a new qualification and who needs to feel like they are more than just a number in a great big system. Without the support of teaching staff I wouldn’t be where I am today. I felt such a sense of accomplishment at the end of it all, in fact I am pretty proud of myself – I have more focus and determination in regards to my career than I ever thought I could have!.”

Amelia Small1
Amelia Small, 2008 Graduate

“Finishing Year 12 was daunting with all the options available for further study. A PA position with a top-tier law firm had sparked my interest, but I did not want to study for the next three years. I had family friends, a mother and daughter, who had both studied the Business Administration Diploma at the College and had landed great jobs so I decided to enrol”.

“Midway through the one-year Diploma, I was selected for a Graduate Secretarial Position at Blake Dawson Lawyers.”

“The teachers were very professional and to the point. I knew that if I had any problems, I could go and sit down with the teachers. They have got all the time in the world for you. I enjoyed going to college every day and meeting lots of new friends.”

Danielle Roberts
Danielle Roberts, 2008 Graduate

“I had always wanted to work in a law firm so I chose to study Business Administration at Patrick’s. My sister had previously gained the Diploma of Business Administration and a terrific job after studying at the College so she encouraged me to do the same after completing Year 10.”

“Within the first week I had met a lot of new friends and really liked all the teachers. You just need to stay dedicated, which is not hard when you are interested in what you are learning.”

“I landed a job in the Graduate Secretarial Program at Blake Dawson Lawyers, one of Sydney’s leading law firms. I am excited that Blake Dawson is such a prestigious firm and is a company which I can keep growing in professionally.”

“The course was well worth it, especially because I have achieved so much in just one year, I can now go out and start working.”

Whitney Bourne
Whitney Bourne, 2007 Graduate

"I get to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to 700 people a day – and I love it! I am a Cabin Supervisor with Virgin Blue.”

“Without Patrick’s I’d never have this job. The Diploma was the best year of my life. The course was spot on with the real world job needs and has helped me know how to work with people.”

“The lecturers were were very down to earth, having all worked in the industry. During the course, I completed work placement atthe five-star Sheraton on the Park Hotel where I was offered a fulltime job the day I left the College. I got my foot in the door due to Patrick’s industry connections and after 1½ years with Sheraton and some travel, I applied for a job with Virgin Blue as ground crew. The Diploma definitely helped me get the job – they loved that I had a Diploma and was ready to progress my skills.”

“After 18 months on the ground I applied for her dream job as a Flight Attendant. I got the job and five months later I was promoted to Cabin Supervisor – a step that usually take much longer. I now look after three cabin crew and 180 passengers at a time”.

Brittany Pollard
Brittany Pollard, 2005 Graduate

"Event management was always a dream of mine. I found out about Patrick’s as my sister attended the college in 2003. When Pat’s made a visit to my high school, telling us about the different courses available and what the college had to offer. It was then that I realised I wanted to make my dream a reality. I gathered all possible information about the college and attended their open day. After being briefed on the course, informed about the roads it could take us down and the careers we could have, I became excited at the possibilities opening before me. The open day gave me the chance to meet the trainers that I would soon be working with as well as some of the students. This came as a great comfort to me as only being 15 at the time, this new place seemed very exciting but also a bit daunting. But that soon changed."

"Within the first week everything about  Pat’s was now exciting and that sense of fear had disappeared. I felt a sense of realisation and knew straight away it was by far the best choice I had made. From day one it was made obvious that to the lecturers this was more than a job, it was as if somewhere inside of them they too had a dream – to get us through the year, squeeze every ounce of potential we had out of us and produce the finest event managers the industry had ever seen. As the year progressed the lecturer’s became friends and the class formed a bond, working together to achieve the same mutual goal. The lecturers shared their stories of life within the industry, some making us laugh and others, making us realise how much we wanted to experience the industry for ourselves. It was the lecturer’s motivation that made us work to the best of our ability and consistent encouragement and support was given without fail."

"Never once did turning up for college feel like an effort. The work was interesting, class time was never draining and, unlike school, the lecturers treated us as adults, not like children. It was soon time for work experience, four weeks being a substantial amount of time to be placed in the industry. This was our chance to show off all of our new skills and to leave a lasting impression. I was very fortunate to gain in internship at an event company in North Sydney called CI Events. During the four weeks I was lucky enough to work on some of the company’s major events. This not only included the preparation for the event but also seeing the event take place. One of my most memorable experiences was working on the Woolworths event, which happened to be the largest sit down dinner ever held in Australia. I walked away with a much greater understanding of the industry and appreciated how much time and effort the trainers put in for us. Thinking I was only coming away with a greater understanding of what I had been studying, it was much to my surprise when one of my lecturers had told me I had secured a full time position with the organisation."

"Finishing the year off with a team of students that were not only potential work colleagues but life friends, a Diploma and a full-time position at a major events company, I knew my dream really had come true. I couldn’t have asked for more from the College."

"Without the guidance, trust and support that was given to us, the ability to achieve what I thought was nearly impossible, happened. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the College."

Nicole McLeod
Nicole Day, 2001 Graduate

“I think everyone has a vision and the basics to make things happen, and that with the right support – like Patrick’s provided me – you get the confidence in yourself and your abilities.”

“Patrick’s offered a great transition from school to work, was located in Sydney near transport and offered a great social life meeting new people. When I completed the course I won a place with Warner Brothers Australia for the role of Executive Secretary. This role was extremely busy from facilitating international and national events, to one-on-one assistant responsibilities.”

“Following this I got a role with Krispy Kreme Australia as Fundraising Executive. This job gave me the opportunity to visit the fundraising department in Seattle, USA, and derive ideas that could be implemented in Australia. This was invaluable and I implemented the Fundraising Ambassador program in each store, managing all aspects including staff training. I was subsequently offered an internal promotion at Krispy Kreme to Executive Assistant to the Director of Human Resources/HR coordinator and completed an HR course.”

“Then in 2005 I took a role at Foxtel as Executive Assistant to the Director of Legal and Business Affairs which I loved, but it was a long commute and after maternity leave in 2008 I found a role as Office Manager with the Smith Family – commercial enterprise, where I am now. I love the variety this role allows and work autonomously on projects.”

“It is great to be working for an organisation that gives back to the community through the education of Australian children. I enjoyed everything about Patrick’s College but especially the fact that they challenged me to exceed my own potential and offered me the support and encouragement needed. I went in with a vision of what I wanted to be and achieve.”

Sarah Potts
Sarah Potts, 1999 Graduate

….from Executive Assistant to General Manager…

“I was aware of Patrick’s due to my grandmother, Norma Sheehan (nee Molloy), attending in the 1930’s (she also played a major role in organising the 50th Anniversary of the College!) and it was always spoken so highly of. For me, I felt Patrick’s provided a course that I was passionate about and gave me a sense of direction after high school to forge my future utilising the skillset I had and the career path I was enthused by. I attended in 1999 and completed the 12-month Course in Business Administration / Secretarial.”

“It was a college that encouraged diversity, different ways of thinking and every teacher was so encouraging of each student’s education. I also enjoyed the very special bond formed between my fellow students who are still close friends after 20 years.”

 “Nearing the completion of my course I was interviewed, via the college employment program, and commenced employment with Boyd House & Partners, a boutique legal firm in the city where I remained for 15 months and then moved to Gilbert & Tobin legal firm.”

“I remained in Sydney for 2.5 years after College and then travelled and worked overseas for 4.5 years. For 3 of those I was working for one of the world’s biggest law firms, Clifford Chance which was a phenomenal EA experience in London.”

“I have since had an incredible career, based in Sydney, for the past 13 years at Southern Cross Austereo, parent company of the national Hit (2DayFM), TripleM and LiSTNR audio networks. With 65 offices and 1700 employees nationally it is a joy to work in media and in such an innovative and forward-thinking company.  My first role at SCA was EA to Legal and my current role is General Manager, Sydney.”

“It has been a wonderful career journey thus far that has instilled in me that anything is possible. I hope this encourages current and future students of Patrick’s to follow their career dreams…. And trust me, the skills you learn at Patrick’s will forever be with you in the most positive of ways!

“I believe Patrick’s College is a wonderful experience and provides students with so many opportunities. Without Patrick’s as the foundation of my career I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Tenielle Symington-1
Tenielle Symington, 1999 Graduate

“I chose Patrick’s College as I had a number of friends who had previously attended and confirmed how great the college was.” 

“Our teachers were extremely approachable, encouraging and really pushed us to achieve our best.  You never felt like you were stuck in high school as you were treated like a mature adult. It really was a fabulous year and set us all up for a very bright future.”

“My Patrick’s education was the foundation of my career.  I was fortunate enough to secure the first job out of college with Baker McKenzie Law Firm who were offering four positions to Patrick’s College students.  I started as a Litigation Secretary, I then moved into HR in an administrative role which eventually led to me working for the Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer.  From that first role, I have moved into a more senior role with every career move and I am currently supporting the CEO of Revesby Worker’s Club.”

“I have not moved around in my career too much since leaving College, I do like to show loyalty and dedication to my employer and generally only change roles when I feel like I need a new challenge and looking for career growth and the next step in my career.”

  I have held four positions since leaving College which include:

  • Baker McKenzie (8+ years employed)
    • Litigation Secretary
    • HR Administration
    • PA to Managing Partner;
  • TAL (6 + year employed)
    • Executive Assistant to Head of Corporate Governance
    • Corporate Communications Program Administrator
  • Department of Education and Training (4+ years employed)
    • School Admin Officer (returning from maternity leave)
    • Personal Assistant to School Principal
    • Executive Assistant to Director
  • Revesby Workers’ Club Ltd (6 months employed)
    • Executive Assistant to CEO

“In this time, I have had 3 beautiful children (aged 8, 6 and 3) and I am now a full-time working mum who is proudly juggling my work commitments in supporting a CEO and the ongoing demands of being a mother to three children.”

“When asked if I went to university my response has always been “I didn’t want to study for a further 4-5 years after school and I knew that College would give me the skills I needed to join the workforce”.  By the time I finished my 12 month Course at the College, I was earning more than friends who were leaving university after 4 years of study!”

“If you are highly driven, push yourself to succeed and always look for ways to climb the corporate ladder, College is the best platform to develop the foundations that you need to start your career.  21 years on from College, I am still grateful that I chose to attend Patrick’s because I am proud of what I do, I am proud of what I have achieved and this all started at Patrick’s College.”

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Louise White, 1995 Graduate

“I consider my studies at Patrick’s to be highly valuable. I chose Patrick’s as it provided solid and necessary skills along with preparing us for the workforce (especially at such a young age!). I enjoyed the routine and pace of the learning, and the friendships I made.”

“After Patrick’s, my career started out as Receptionist and Personal Assistant to a Head Underwriter for a boutique underwriting company. This company had reached out to the College looking for staff.  After 3 years I got itchy feet to try something different, so I quit my job and took up full time contracting work to experience many different environments and widen my skill set.  Having to interview with recruiters, be available on short notice and open to all opportunities, I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and was fortunate to work every day on both short-term and long-term contracts."

“I was then approached by one of my consultants to work in- house alongside her as she believed my willingness, customer service and can-do attitude would be a massive benefit to her team, and there began my next 15+ years in recruitment.” 

“I travelled to London on my working holiday visa and continued working in recruitment before returning to Australia in 2005 to build on my career and become Manager of a team of recruiters for a large international recruitment company. After 10 years, I moved to Singapore as a trailing spouse and now full-time mother.”

“I would highly recommend Patrick’s. Many friends have daughters wondering what to do after school, not ready for university or gap year so this is a good starting point to what can be the best decision in 10 years’ time!’’

Monique Hales
Monique Hales, 1991 Graduate

“I chose to go to Patrick’s because it had a fantastic reputation and guaranteed you a good job once you had obtained the skills. I went with my school friends and made new friends while I was there.  The girls in my class came from all over Sydney and from the Country as well.

“I was offered a job at White City Stadium with NSW Tennis as the Receptionist in Paddington.  I look back now and it was the most amazing job!”

“I have travelled the world and worked in London UK as a Secretary.”

“I went onto other amazing jobs over the years including roles in administration, stockbroking, computer companies, property and I am currently in Real Estate studying for my licence.”

“I now live in the Sutherland Shire and I am a mother to three teenagers.”

“I would highly recommend Patrick’s to a family member or friend to gain the skills I obtained as they have helped me achieve so many amazing things not only in the workforce but in life.

Jenny Russell, 1990 Graduate

“Initially out of college I worked in the Fashion Industry and then after a few years moved across to the Soft Furnishings Industry.  I took an opportunity to change from a Secretarial Role to a Product Coordinator, which involved shipping designer brand fabrics from the UK to our Interior Designer customer base throughout Australia.” 

“After 5 years my position moved to Melbourne, so I was offered another position of Sales Representative for NSW.  This involved travelling around NSW selling our product range to our customer base.”

“Also, at this time my husband and I started a Plumbing Business and to this day I continue to do the bookwork for this business. We employ 6 people most of the time – the business is currently in a growth period. We have been established for 20 years.”

“I am also currently working on a casual basis for a decorative lighting & furniture wholesaler in Client Service and Design.”

“In the 30 years since I graduated from Patrick’s College, I have continued to use the skills and career guidance I obtained on a daily basis, both as an Employee of business’ and in establishing and running our family business with by husband.”

"Whether going straight into the workforce or onto other study – or both – I believe the practical skills that Patrick’s College offer will enable their graduating students to be valued in whichever career they choose."

“My husband and I have 3 Children, Georgia our eldest Daughter is now attending Patrick’s College.” 

Belinda Selby, 1990 Graduate

“I chose to study at Patrick’s as I was still undecided at the end of year 12 with what I wanted to do so decided to complete the course, gain some new skills and see what opportunities arose from that. At Patrick’s I enjoyed everything – all I learnt was so useful and put into place once I was out in the workforce.  I made many lifelong friends.”

“Patricks definitely helped me find a job.  I secured 3 jobs on completion of the course, one at a large law firm, one with the government and the other with a large building and construction company.  I chose the legal job, which 30 years later, I am still enjoying!”

“Since I left Patricks I have progressed greatly within my career, I have travelled the world and even had opportunities to work overseas within my international law firm with which I am employed.”  

“I would highly recommend Patricks – it has a great name with employers and companies.”

…….. Belinda’s own daughter is now a Patrick’s student in the Class of 2021 !

Belinda receiving her Testamur from Cardinal Edward Bede Clancy, then Archbishop of Sydney