Many of Sydney’s top legal and business firms come to Patrick Careers Academy first when seeking new graduates to hire for entry-level career positions. Why? Our graduates have a reputation for being polished, professional and trained in the skills needed to keep up and get ahead in the modern business environment.

Over 95% of Patrick Careers Academy full-time Diploma students step straight into jobs as soon as they graduate, many of them on starting salaries of between $40-45k per annum – and after just 40 weeks of study. Patrick Careers Academy has been recognised by the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) for setting an industry benchmark with our high graduate completion rates. We believe our success is in our dedicated Job Placement Program and the enviable Career Partner Network that we have built up over many years, as Sydney’s oldest and most prestigious vocational education business training college.

Job Placement Program

We believe our tailored curriculum approach is key to the Patrick Careers Academy Pathway to Success, and is what sets us apart from other business colleges. Patrick Careers Academy has a dedicated Job Placement Program embedded within the study year, which provides coaching and mentoring for our full-time Diploma students throughout the year to not only help them identify their chosen career path, but to give them the best possible chance of stepping straight into a city career on graduation.


Patrick Careers Academy’s students undergo intensive interview preparation as part of the tailored business curriculum provided to those studying full-time Diploma courses in Business and Business Administration. This involves presentation skills, writing a resume and coaching on how to answer interview questions effectively.

As part of our dedicated Job Placement Program, Patrick Careers Academy students undergo intensive interview preparation as part of our tailored business curriculum. Our students are required to draft resumes; prepare, practice and present for interviews; and are coached through the interview process on how to prepare ahead for potential questions and how to answer these effectively. Students are also required to research companies and industries they are interested in starting a career with, to gain a comprehensive understanding of organisational profiles and desired skills and attitudes of its employees.


Extra-curricular professional development workshops are also held throughout the year, starting with the Professional Presentation Workshop held as part of Student Induction Day each year. This two hour session with a corporate trainer is aimed at making sure our students stay one step ahead in the interview and job search process, which is a key focus from day one of the 40-week full-time Diploma courses.

This is followed by two Social Media for Business workshops, introducing students to online tools for time and process management that will assist them in hitting the ground running in the dynamic business environment of the 21st century. Students are also coached in the importance of their ‘personal brand’ on social media in the lead up to applying for jobs and attending interviews.


Each of our students receive a work placement in the industry of their choice. In the lead up to this, we help them identify the kind of roles and industries they are interested in embarking on in their first steps of their career. This involves drafting Letters of Introduction to companies they would like to experience working at, which provides them with a keen insight into how to professionally approach organisations in the first steps of their careers. The work placement itself is invaluable for providing them a real experience of working life within their chosen industry.


Patrick Careers Academy has an ethos of providing individual attention to each student to ensure they achieve their personal best, and to give them the best possible head start in their careers. We believe that our focus on nurturing our soon-to-be graduates through the Job Placement process gives them an edge over other candidates when it comes time to attending real-life interviews. We have proudly enabled many young adults over the past nine decades to step confidently in the direction of their dreams and a brand-new career.