Advanced Diploma of NeuroSpinology

Course Overview

NeuroSpinology is a rapidly growing life-enhancement profession that offers the opportunity for an extremely rewarding professional career to all graduates. NeuroSpinologists can establish their own practices; or work as associates in existing practices, sporting organisations or in the corporate sector. NeuroSpinologists use their hands to gently apply highly specific techniques around the spinal column for the purpose of stimulating the neural circuits, thus enabling the nervous system, and the body as a whole, to perform at optimum levels.

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Career Pathways

PCA graduates are eligible for registration with the Registration and Professional Development Board of NeuroSpinology, the international governing body of the NeuroSpinology profession. Once registered, they are qualified to practice anywhere in the world and are in high demand, making employment prospects outstanding.

For career pathways like:

  • Work as a practioner
  • Start your own practice
  • Enhance you fitness training career

Course Cost

COURSE DELIVERY: Study in Classroom / Study Online

TOTAL $25,000

The tuition fee for this course is $25,000.00

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Eligible applicants with an available VET Student Loan balance can borrow up to $10,528.00


NSPPSA601 Apply NeuroSpinology service framework
NSPPSA602 Analyse practice member requirements for NeuroSpinology
NSPPSA603 Formulate and recommend tailored NeuroSpinology service plans
NSPPSA604 Apply NeuroSpinology services to clients with special requirements
NSPPSA605 Apply NeuroSpinology techniques
NSPCOM601 Manage and conduct NeuroSpinology communication
NSPMGT601 Manage a NeuroSpinology practice
BSBMKG414 Undertake marketing activities
CHCPRP003 Reflect on and improve own professional practice

At a Glance

Duration: 104 weeks

  • 2 years: 9 units of study in total
  • Part-time options available (up to 2 years)
  • Includes 80 hours of face-to-face practical training in NeuroSpinology techniques
  • Additional 300 post graduate hours of supervised practical training required for Accreditation to become a NeuroSpinology Practitioner

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Entry Requirements
This course is available for eligible domestic students

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