Diploma of Marketing and Communications sets you up for starting out in an entry-level position in business services. It's then possible for you to progress your career when you've joined the workforce to become an Account Manager or Social Media Coordinator for a marketing, advertising, digital or PR agency once you've gained a few years experience.

Career Pathways

You will have the knowledge to work independently and as part of a team in a business setting, while also gaining specialised knowledge and skills in online, social media and marketing. You will be familiar with the latest digital communication, understand and be competent in the management of information and social media, and have the tools to help you fit into a professional environment.

For career pathways like:

  • Account Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Media  Coordinator

At a Glance


15 weeks per semester

  • Full time 1 year: 12 units per year
  • Part-time options available (up to 2 years)


No Fee Help available for this course

Entry Requirements

Previous experience in marketing or currently working in marketing will help with this course, otherwise 5 core units from BSB42415 Certificate IV in Marketing  and Communication (BSBMKG418 Develop and apply knowledge of marketing communication industry, BSBCRT401   Articulate, present and debate ideas, BSBCMM401 Make a presentation, BSBMGT407  Apply digital solutions to work processes, BSBMKG417  Apply marketing communication across a convergent industry) are prerequisites for this course


  • BSBMKG507 Interpret market trends and developments
  • BSBMKG523 Design and develop an integrated marketing communication plan
  • BSBPMG522 Undertake project work
  • BSBMKG501 Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities
  • BSBMKG515 Conduct a marketing audit
  • BSBMKG521 Plan and implement sponsorship and event marketing
  • BSBMKG510 Plan e-marketing communications
  • BSBMKG527 Plan social media engagement
  • BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
  • BSBFIM501 Manage budgets and financial plans
  • BSBADM502 Manage meetings
  • BSBMKG522 Plan measurement of marketing effectiveness

Course Cost


Total $10,500

Including the five CIV Prerequiste units, if students have the these already the total is $9000


Monthly 12 x $875