More than 96 Years of Professional Training

We’re proud of Patrick Careers Academy’s ninety-six year history (formerly St Patrick’s Institute of Education). We may have changed our name, but we love remembering where we came from –  the premier business institution for young  people who wanted to train to be the best administrative support professionals (secretaries) in Sydney.

Many things have changed since the 1920s

An excerpt from the 1926 Prospectus

“Parents are pleased to have the opportunity of placing their Daughters with us during the most impressionable years of their lives, that, whilst receiving a thorough Commercial Course, the Moral and Religious Training may not be neglected”

Today, we no longer have religious training and are a completely non-secular college, we continue to provide quality training  in business, hospitality, and community services and remain committed to providing successful job outcomes for our graduates.  We focus on the role of business ethics and practical skills in the current work environment, and the valuable contributions our students make to the communities they live and work in.